The countdown to the end of “True Blood” continued on Sunday, July 27, with episode 6, “Karma.” Fans of the HBO series met Mr. Gus, the new Season 7 villain, and discovered that a cure for Hep-V is in existence. Check out the recap to find out what happened in “Karma”:

The Yakuza Strikes A Deal

Eric may have ripped a man’s jawbone off in episode 5, but the Yakuza got the upper hand in episode 6. The group captured both Eric and Pam, locking them in a room full of windows with a clock counting down until sunrise.

But the Fangtastia owners got the chance to live to see another day. Before the sun could rise, Mr. Gus Jr., the North American President of the corporation behind TruBlood, greeted them. The company is bankrupt thanks to Sarah Newlin, and they want to know her location for payback.

In usual fashion, Eric refused to help. But with only three minutes remaining until they started “frying like eggs,” Pam managed to strike a deal with Mr. Gus. The TruBlood president promised to spare their lives if they talked. However that wasn’t enough for Eric. He wanted to be the one to kill Sarah Newlin because the blonde was responsible for killing Nora. While Mr. Gus initially refused Eric’s offer, they agreed that Eric would kill her if Mr. Gus could have her body.

Lafyette And Lettie Mae’s Wild Ride

Lafayette thought Lettie Mae was crazy for believing Tara was reaching out to her. However by the end of episode 6 he discovered that his aunt was right. With the help of James’ blood, Lafayette and Lettie Mae began to trip and discovered Tara hanging on the white cross with a yellow snake around her. The pair helped her down, but when Tara got to the ground she started running. Lafayette and Lettie Mae chased after her, and when they caught up they found her digging in the backyard of the old house that Tara grew up in as a child.

Before they could figure out what Tara was trying to dig up, the Reverend shook Lettie Mae out of her V-trance. Upset with his wife over her addiction, he tried to reason with her to end her obsession with reaching Tara. However Lafayette stood up for his aunt, telling the Reverend that he saw Tara too and believes that she’s trying to tell them something. Despite Lafayette’s words, the Reverend warned Lettie Mae that it’s the V and Tara or him. And Lettie Mae told him that she’s going to the South Ward to figure out what Tara was trying to dig up.

Nicole’s Ultimatum For Sam

While “True Blood” fans might be fond of the crazy folks in Bon Temps, Nicole is completely done with the town. She told Sam that she’s leaving … for good.

“You’re the mayor of crazy,” she said to him, explaining that she doesn’t belong there and doesn’t want their daughter raised there. Offering Sam a chance to go with her, the shifter seemed pretty set on staying in Bon Temps, the only place he has ever called home.

Arrangements For Bill

Upon discovering that he was infected with Hep-V, Bill immediately started putting his affairs in order. Unfortunately dozens of other vampires are doing the same. At Kapneck law offices the waiting room was full of vampires with a wait time of 5 to 7 hours to speak with the attorney. When Bill finally got his opportunity to meet with the lawyer, she informed him that he was unable to pass his property over to his progeny, and that the government would seize his assets due to failed vampire laws.

Bill did have one option – to file for adoption of Jessica. However with his Hep-V spreading at an abnormally fast pace, Bill doesn’t have the five months to a year that it takes to go through. The attorney offered Bill a way to expedite the process – a 10 million dollar fee. Bill refused to be extorted and tried to glamour the attorney, which failed due to anti-glamour contacts. When she failed to show him any sympathy, he took an object off her desk and stabbed her in the throat and walked out.

Sookie’s Diagnosis

Jason may have had a steamy hookup with Jess in episode 5, but he had to return home to Violet. Afraid of what he’d find when he opened the door; Jason was shocked when he found Violet in lingerie in a candlelit room. His girlfriend apologized for being so aggressive and said that not only is he hers, but she is his.

The pair spent the night together, but in the morning Jason went running to Jessica when she called him upset. Jessica had overheard Bill saying that he had Hep-V and wanted to tell Sookie in person. Jason brought Sookie over to the Compton mansion, and Sookie realized that while she was negative just last week, she may have been exposed while waiting as Hep-V bait.

Jason took her to the clinic to get tested, and Sookie discovered that she’s Hep-V positive and infected her ex-boyfriend.

Violet’s Psychotic Twist

Violet never cared for Jessica, and her dislike for the vampire only grew more intense in episode 6 of “True Blood.” She may not know what’s going on with Bill, Sookie and the Hep-V, but what Violet does know is that Jason is running to Jessica’s aid – something she doesn’t approve of.

Destroying Jason’s basement in a fit of rage, she left him a note ending things. However Violet has no intentions of peacefully leaving Bon Temps.

Adilynn In Trouble

Andy and Holly got into their first major fight as an engaged couple after Andy discovered Wade in bed with Adilynn. The protective father threw Wade out of the house – something that Holly did not approve of.

With the help of Arlene, the couple apologized to each other and decided to talk to their kids together. However when they went back to Andy’s house they discovered that Adilynn and Wade were gone. Rocky told them that they went to Fort Bellefleur to spend some alone time together. But before Andy and Holly could get to them, someone else found the teenagers first – Violet.

Violet had previously been a friendly face to Adilynn and Wade, but the two teens didn’t realize that the vampire had taken a twisted turn. She told the two lovebirds that she had a special place they could hang out safely, and they followed blindly.

The Hep-V Cure

Eric, Pam and the Yakuza went to Amber’s house when nightfall came. And just as expected, Sarah had been there. However they received a shocking surprise when Amber came to the door – she was cured of her Hep-V.

Earlier in the day, Sarah arrived at Amber’s house and discovered that her sister was sick. While Amber tried to kick her out, Sarah started rambling about how she changed her name to Noomi and became a Buddha. She explained that she was “put on this planet to help people” … because she was the cure for Hep-V.

A flashback to the vamp camp in Season 6 showed Sarah chugging a liquid while everything was falling apart. That liquid was the Hep-V cure.

“Everything has come full circle,” she told her sister. “I am the antidote. Let me heel you.”

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