Despite being nearly incomprehensible through its first seven episodes, Season 2 of “True Detective” managed to answer most of fans’ questions in Sunday’s finale and wrap things up rather neatly. However, no good mystery is without a few loose ends left untied and “True Detective” is no exception.

Here are the questions fans are still asking after episode 8, “Omega Station”:

1. Is The Bezzerides Family Safe?

In episode 7, Ani (Rachel McAdams) put her father (David Morse) and sister (Leven Rambin) in a car after the whole orgy party debacle and sent them north to hide out until she solved the case and cleared her name. Unfortunately, Ani never did clear her name, instead fleeing to Venezuela to raise her new baby with Jordan (Kelly Reilly). So what became of Eliot and Athena? Are they still in northern California waiting for word from Ani? The Catalyst Group, which still has power – Tony Chessani (Vinicius Machado) was elected mayor after all – probably still wants Ani dead. Would they go looking for her family?

2. What Will Become of Frank’s Diamonds?

Frank (Vince Vaughn) died out in the desert because he refused to give up his suit to the Mexican drug dealers. To his credit, he did have a pretty good reason – he had millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds sewn into the jacket. The gangster dropped dead in the middle of the desert alone, leaving the diamonds to whoever found him. Who will get their hands on that fortune?

3. What Will Happen To Laura?

Ani put Laura (Courtney Halverson) on a bus out of town to protect her from the fallout of her brother Glen (Alex Rich) murdering Ben Caspere. The poor girl, whose parents were murdered by Burris (James Frain) and Dixon (W. Earl Brown) when she was a kid, has no family or place to go. Will she be able to start a new life somewhere else?

4. Will Tony Chessani Go Down?

At the end of the episode, a flash-forward revealed that Tony Chessani had emerged from the chaos of all the Vinci corruption as the city’s new mayor. However, Ani also told her story and supplied pages of evidence to a reporter to expose the criminal’s wrongdoings. Will Chessani see justice or will crime continue to pay in Los Angeles?

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