Fans came into the Season 2 finale of "True Detective" Sunday with a lot of questions. Who is the identity of the crow mask gunman? Who killed Ben Caspere? But possibly the biggest question facing "Omega Station" was if the final 90-minute episode would satisfy viewers after a polarizing and hard-to-follow season. 

Here's how it all went down in episode 8:

The episode begins with Ray (Colin Farrell), Ani (Rachel McAdams), and the most depressing pillow talk of all time -- Ani recounting the sexual abuse she had at her father's commune years ago. It turns out the man did not force himself on her -- an immature Ani was won over simply by him calling her pretty again. Ray counters by recounting the murder of the man he thought was his wife's rapist.

"It made me feel worse," Ray tells Ani.

"People...whole cultures wouldn't blame you," Ani retorts. "I don't." 

"It wasn't him," Ray clarifies. 

In between the not-so-pleasant conversations they have more sex and watch outside of the window to see if anyone was there to find them. 

Elsewhere, Frank (Vince Vaughn) tries to get his wife (Kelly Reilly) to leave town before the showdown with Osip (Timothy V. Murphy) and the Catalyst Group. When she refuses, he pretends he does not want to be with her since she can not get pregnant, even throwing away his wedding ring. She does not buy the act. Instead, she tries to talk Frank out of putting himself in danger, but he says he needs to finish this to truly be safe. Eventually, Frank convinces Jordan to leave for Venezuela where he promises to meet her in two weeks or less. 

Then, the show returns to the subway tunnels, this time in daylight, where cops are carrying away the body of dead Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch). Kevin Burris (James Frain), the man who killed Woodrugh, calls Ray from Paul's phone to let him know that Ray has been framed for the murder, along with that of Katherine Davis (Michael Hyatt). Burris wants to arrange a meeting with Ray, but Ray refuses.

Ray and Ani are at a loss for what to do, but then Ray realizes that the photographer from the movie set earlier in the season is Tyler, Erica/Laura's brother and the son of the murdered jewelers. They decide that finding him is their move. Getting an address from Tyler's union, they go to his house where they find the crow mask, along with the shotgun used to shoot Ray and pictures of many key players in the Catalyst deal. Oh, and they find Laura. 

True Detective Ani (Rachel McAdams, left) and Ray (Colin Farrell, left) recognize Tyler (Alex Rich, not pictured) in a picture in the "True Detective" Season 2 finale. Photo: HBO

Meanwhile, Frank pays a visit to Austin Chessani's (Ritchie Coster ) house where he finds the mayor shot dead in his pool. He suspects Tony Chessani (Vinicius Machado) to be responsible . 

Back at Tyler's house, Laura tells Ray and Ani how she met Caspere and learned that he was the man who had stolen the diamonds. She confesses that after convincing Caspere to hire her, she drugged him and let her brother, whose real name is Glen, torture him to get information about his conspirators. However, Glen got carried away with anger and killed Caspere instead. She reveals that he plans to meet with Holloway (Afemo Omilami) under the guise of returning the blackmail hard drive for the blue diamonds -- which he and Laura accidently erased -- and kill him. While Ani helps Laura leave town, Ray calls Frank to plan an ambush on the meeting. 

Ray goes to the train station and finds Glen before he meets with Holloway. The two come up with a plan. When Holloway shows up -- with Burris tailing him -- Ray shows himself and brings Holloway to a bench where Glen sits waiting behind them. Ray pitches a deal to give the hard drive to Holloway for the diamonds and his name cleared. Ray also gets the police chief to confirm much of the conspiracy Ray and Ani had already unraveled. However, when Holloway reveals that Laura was not Glen's father's actual daughter, Glen snaps and leaps on Holloway from behind, stabbing him to death before being shot himself by police. Luckily, Ani was standing by to help get Ray away from the scene before Burris could get to them. 

The pair retreat to Frank and Ray's favorite bar -- where that guitar player is still hard at work -- where they and Frank hideout and plan their next move. Frank recruits Ray and Ani to help crash the cash exchange between Osip and the Catalyst Group. He says with that money they could all live good lives in Venezuela. It seems the detectives will be taking justice into their own hands. 

True Detective Ray (Colin Farrell, left) and Ani (Rachel McAdams, right) plan to flee together to Venezuela in the "True Detective" Season 2 finale. Photo: HBO

Frank and Ray crash the cabin cash exchange and -- with a little help from some tear gas -- the duo kill McCandless (Jon Lindstrom) and Osip, before making off with millions of dollars. 

Afterwards, Frank cashes his share into diamonds and makes good on all of his episode 7 deals, while Ray heads to Ani and their Venezuela-bound boat. Ray and Ani talk on the phone and sound excited (dare we say happy?) at the prospect of surviving and living happily ever after in South America. However, Ray decides to make one last stop and see Chad (Trevor Larcom). That turns out to be a fatal mistake. 

Chad spots Ray watching him from the fence of Chad's school's playground and they salute each other from a distance. However, on his way back to his car Ray spots a GPS tracker beneath his car. After failing to remove it, he gives a good, hard look around to see if he can spot a tail before deciding to drive anyway. Unfortunately, someone is following him. Ray calls Ani and tells her to get on the boat without him. He says he will meet her in Venezuela. 

Meanwhile, Frank gets captured by the Mexican drug dealers while on his way to the airport. They take him far out into the desert where they reveal that they are upset that their deal is caput on account of the clubs burning down. Frank offers them a million dollars from his suitcase instead. They accept, but try to leave him in the desert alone. When Frank asks for a ride, one of the drug dealers demands his suit. Not willing to give that up -- the diamonds are sewed into his jacket -- he punches the drug dealer. Another one of the drug dealers stabs Frank in the side and they leave him there to die. Frank attempts to walk the desert and is taunted by visions of his deadbeat father and Jordan in the white dress she promised to wear when they met again. 

"You made it," Jordan tells her husband. "You can rest now."

"Got to keep moving," vows Frank.

"You stopped moving way back there," says Jordan.

Frank falls to the ground, dead.

Elsewhere, Ray abandons his car and retreats into the woods where he is pursued by Burris and a team of men with assault rifles. A gun fight breaks out and Ray is severely outnumbered. Eventually, Burris and his men catch up to Ray and shoot him dead. Ani, by this time on a boat bound for Venezuela, seems to sense his loss and breaks down crying. 

Later, Ray's ex-wife opens the results of Chad's paternity test revealing that Ray was indeed the boy's father. Meanwhile, Tony Chessani is elected mayor of Vinci on the back of all the corruption. 

In Venezuela, Ani tells her story and turns over all of the evidence to a reporter. Then, she and Jordan disappear into a crowd with Ani and Ray's newborn son. 

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