Only one episode remains for "True Detective" Season 2 to, hopefully, wrap up the HBO series' sophomore mystery. The finale will be the subject of much scrutiny, as many, including HBO, will hold the episode up as the final piece of evidence in the case to either praise or condemn the polarizing season. How will it all go down? If the episode 8 promo is any indication, things are going to get messy for Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ani (Rachel McAdams) if they hope to clear their names and solve Ben Caspere's murder in "Omega Station."

The synopsis for the episode is still under wraps, at least until later this week, but the promo for the new episode gives a peek at what promises to be a tense finale. In the teaser, fugitive detectives, and now lovers, Ray and Ani have to deal with the aftermath of Paul Woodrugh's (Taylor Kitsch) shocking death in episode 7. It seems the pair is taking matters into their own hands to clear their names and get justice for Paul. 

"We can get confessions," Ani suggests. However, Ray does not seem interested in talk. "I've heard enough confessions," he retorts. 

The duo is then shown in a flurry of scenes, guns drawn, as they appear to hunt for the men behind a season's worth of murder and corruption.

Meanwhile, Frank (Vince Vaughn), who torched his clubs in episode 7 to keep them out of Osip's (Timothy V. Murphy) hands, is still at work putting his mystery plan into action. Though the fake passport he acquired in episode 7 would imply the gangster's plans to skip town at some point, he is seen in the promo talking with Ray, still very much in Los Angeles. In fact, he seems determined to stay until he gets vengeance. 

"Call it what you want. Revenge, justice..." he tells Ray. "Maybe that means something."

Watch the promo for the Season 2 finale below:

"True Detective" will have an extra half hour to bring its story to a close, as the finale will be a blockbuster 90-minute episode. Will Ray and Ani be able to clear their names? Will the reasons behind Paul's death be revealed? Plus, will viewers every find out who killed Ben Caspere? Fans will have to wait to find out. The Season 2 finale of "True Detective" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.