Things got dark in episode 6 of "True Detective" Season 2. When Detective Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) entered Tony Chessani's (Vinicius Machado) prostitution party, the HBO series' sophomore run's seedy criminal underground finally started living up to, at least a little bit, the gripping nightmare of Season 1. By the time Ani, Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) drove off into the film noir night, a man was dead and some dangerous people were on their tail. The trio would have to deal with the aftermath in "Black Maps and Motel Rooms."

Here's how it all went down in episode 7:

The episode begins at a seedy motel where Paul, Ray and Ani -- and also Vera (Miranda Rae Mayo)  -- are hiding out. Paul sorts through the business contracts he lifted from Osip (Timothy V. Murphy) at the party. Meanwhile, Ani is particularly traumatized after killing one of Chessani's bodyguards.

"I've been waiting my whole life for this," the tortured detective says of her defensive instincts towards the male assailant. "I think I even went looking for it."

Ani comes on to Ray, but he turned her down, recognizing that drugs and PTSD are fueling her actions. Later, Paul gets a blackmail text message from someone with pictures of him and another man getting intimate. They are all in pretty deep now. 

Later, Ray pays Frank (Vince Vaughn), who is stressed after his deal with the Mexican drug dealers, a visit to tell him about the party. 

The fallout from the party gets messy. Paul puts his mother (Lolita Davidovich) and Emily (Adria Arjona) in a motel to lay low and Ani tells her sister (Levin Rambin) to go into hiding. 

Then things get really messy. When Ray tells Frank Blake (Christoher James Baker) helped Osip and Tony Chessani rip off Frank to take Caspere's shares, he calls in his disloyal underling for a sit-down. Bashing a glass into Blake's head, Frank gets him to confess Osip and Chessani planned to take over the whole Vinci underground, including all of Frank's clubs. Plus, Frank reveals Blake was the one who provided the phony name for Ray's wife's rapist. Hoping to save his life, Blake tells Frank he can get his money back during a handoff with Osip the next day. Frank milks Blake for all of the information he can get before shooting him in the gut and leaving him to bleed out on his office floor. 

Frank has a new plan and runs errands around town securing a new passport, buying guns and arranging a deal to cash out diamonds for cash. 

Meanwhile, Paul discovers there is a warrant out for Ani's arrest for the murder of Chessani's security guard. Then, Ray goes to meet with State's Attorney Katherine Davis (Michael Hyatt), but finds out he has been framed for her murder instead. Both are now effectively fugitives.

At the motel, Ani interrogates Vera. She shows Vera the pictures her sister had given her and Vera says they’re from Tasha, Caspere's prostitute of choice. Ani, Ray and Paul determine Tasha was likely blackmailing Caspere, but they cannot figure out who would benefit from his murder. The brainstorm session is interrupted when Paul gets a text from the unknown blackmail number demanding a meet later that night. 

At the casino, Frank his visited by Osip who informs him that he has bought all of his clubs, but plans to keep him on as a manager. Frank makes nice, but he has other plans. Later, he kills one of Osip's men and torches all of his clubs. 

Meanwhile, as Ray and Ani, depressed and in hiding, start to hook up, Paul goes to his late night meeting in the unused subway tunnels below the city. He is held at gunpoint by a mystery man from the holding company behind Osip's land deal and his henchmen, including Paul's military boyfriend, the source of the photos. He is asked to call Ray to arrange a meeting to get the stolen contracts back. At first, Paul agrees, but when he gets the chance, he grabs a gun and fights his way out of the tunnels. Unfortunately, as soon as he gets outside he is shot in the back and dies. It looks like Ray and Ani will have to go it alone in the finale.