There is now a proposal waiting for the Board of Regents of University of California (UC) to vote on in Nov. if their university will take more money from their students or not.

According to leaders of UC on Tuseday, they may raise the tuitions between 8% and 16% every year in the following four year’s budgets and the rate depends on the amount of funding the state can provid to UC.

The more funding the state can provide to UC, the lower the rate would be. And the worst situation is that students of UC will have to pay twice as much as they pay now.

At the beginning when this university was built, students did not need to pay any tuitions, but now have to pay $12,192 for their tuition. The first time that the students of UC have to pay their tuition was in 1975 and it was $600 a year. And now, if the university doesn’t get enough funding from the state, the tuition may grow into as much as $22,000 a year and at least as $16,500.

As the tutions of UC may become very expensive in four years, people are beginning to think about whether most of those who used to be able to cover this expense will be able to cover it again or not if the tuition rises again.