A small team of Oregon women brought the party to an unlikely venue, a City Hall parking lot. 

22-year-old Leokham Yothsombath, 20-year-old Christie Coura and 20-year-old Brittney Medak were arrested on April 29, after they were seen dancing in front of the windows of the Beaverton municipal court. 

The Oregonian reports that the Yothsombath traveled to the Beaverton City Hall with Coura and Medak so Coura could pay a fine on a warrant. But once they exited the building, the trio began dancing in the parking lot, with Medak then reportedly urinating between a pair of parked cop cars as Yothsombath recorded their  ill-timed performance. 

Authorities say employees witnessing the show said that Coura and Medak had "exposed their genitals," prompting the individuals to call the police. The girls were apprehended just as they left the parking lot. Police say they found them in possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. 

They women were arrested and booked on several charges including drug possession and disorderly conduct, reports Jezebel.