Robert Pattinson is an actor, a singer, and now he can add a journalist to his resume. The “Twilight” star sat down to interview his close pal and “Fantastic Four” actor Jamie Bell and acquitted himself well.

Pattinson shocked Bell by asking him to talk about very personal stuff, including who he is sleeping with. “Let's not talk about any of your work. Let's only talk about your personal life. Your crack usage. Who are you f-------?" Pattinson asks Bell in the August issue of Interview magazine. Bell, however, told Pattinson in the beginning of the interview that he was not very impressed when he was told his friend would be interviewing him. “I expect f------- Charlie Rose,” joked Bell.

The “Billy Elliot” actor chose to answer the questions on his personal life diplomatically. He talked about his early childhood memories of going to his grandmother's house and playing with a toy gun. The two actors also discussed Bell's role in the “Fantastic Four.”

Bell, 29, plays the Thing in the Marvel movie, and the actor said he loves the fact that the character has an anonymity to it. But he teased Pattinson about his own loss of privacy. “I think your anonymity has been somewhat jeopardized," said Bell, as both actors laughed.

Pattinson also praised Bell and called his spirit animal as "a very excitable lamb." He added that Bell was the "most humble people he's ever met" and sought his opinion on how he manages to steer clear of the troubles that many child actors fall prey to. Bell also shared the mantra to his success and said he always works hard and tries to be the best version of himself.

“No matter how many times somebody pitches the ball at you, if you swing every time, eventually one of them is going to connect,” Bell told Pattinson. “Fantastic Four” is in theaters July 30. Directed by Josh Tank, the film also stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan.