Giovanna Plowman is about to go down in Internet history as doing one of the most disgusting things imaginable -- quite a feat considering the amount of things that are on the Web.

The 15-year-old from Buffalo, N.Y., seems to have taken everyone by surprise considering her sweet demeanor and girl-next-door appearance, but that’s not how they’re going to remember her.

On her Twitter account, Plowman claims she made the video, because it was a dare and she wanted to get famous, and it seems she has succeeded in the most outrageous way.

One of the most popular tweets regarding Plowman came from Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande, whose post had been retweeted almost 65,000 times early Thursday morning.

Giovanna Plowman. Girl what is wrong witchu,” the star asked in her public message.

Of course, Twitter quips were soon to follow, with jokes like “I think Giovanna Plowman is gonna be bloody famous for a long period of time or am I just ovary acting?” and “What did Giovanna Plowman say to the Tampon? See you next period!” being the most popular ones to circle around the Twitterverse.

But not everyone was amused by the 15-year-old’s video -- in fact, most people were just plain disgusted.

“I've never been so grossed out/confused by a human being in my life... (Aka Giovanna plowman))” @1Dstalking proclaimed.

@ashleyfrang didn’t even have the stomach to look at the teenager’s profile picture after she saw what she had done in the video.

“I'm sorry but even looking at Giovanna Plowman on twitter makes me gag and get nauseous. You need Jesus,” the tweeter wrote.

Others concluded that Plowman must be mentally ill to have accepted and tape the dare.

“giovanna plowman needs to be locked up in a cage, she's literally insane,” @PromiscuousTeen said.

Plowman’s Twitter account has yet to have been verified, but the @ItsGiovannaP handle has already accumulated nearly 90,000 followers.