Twitter (TWTR) enjoyed solid 4.4 percent growth during trading Friday and saw another 1 percent jump after hours, one day removed from streaming the first of its 10-game deal with the National Football League.

However, a recent survey by SurveyMonkey suggests the Jack Dorsey-run company may see a significant drop in returning viewers and similar growth could be scarce for the rest of the football season. The survey, taken by 507 adults between Saturday and Sunday (the weekend after Thursday’s matchup between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills), showed Twitter might not experience the same high ratings as last week’s “Thursday Night Football” stream.

Roughly 11 percent of those surveyed said they use Twitter to watch games, while 59 percent said using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook negatively impacts the viewing experience.

The social media site reportedly reached 2.1 million of the game’s 15.7 million viewers, Twitter announced Friday, which accounted for 13 percent of the game’s total ratings, according to The Street. A viewer was counted if they watched the stream for longer than three seconds and the average viewer tuned in for 22 minutes.

But if the latest survey is correct, Twitter could see as much as an 89 percent decline when the New England Patriots host the Houston Texans Thursday night.

After closing at $18.36 and reaching as high as $19.20 a share on Monday, Twitter opened at $18.30 a share Tuesday morning and as of publishing had reached a day-high of $18.64. Presently, the stock is trading up 0.21 at $18.57, or 1.12 percent. The company is well behind its 52-week high of $31.87 set in October.

Twitter and the NFL agreed to a $10 million broadcasting deal earlier this year that would allow the site to stream 10 “Thursday Night Football” games simultaneously with television broadcaster CBS. The deal also allowed Twitter to negotiate similar partnerships with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.