Two teenage girls have been charged in the case relating to the killing of a taxi driver in North Carolina last year.

The Yellow Cab Company driver, Adam Williams, was stabbed to death at a Hickory parking lot at around 10:30 p.m on Aug. 23. Three men aged between 18 and 22 have already been arrested in relation to the killing.

The 16-year-old girls Consandra Nicole Tyree and Emily Katherine Starnes have been charged for their roles in the murder of the driver, who was brutally stabbed at the parking lot of Fuddruckers hamburger restaurant in Hickory, shortly after he arrived to pick up passengers.

According to reports, the girls stabbed Williams and stole $39 in cab fares.

Camyron Johnson (22), Robert McElwee (18) both of Hickory and Matthew Hopkins (22) of Connelly Springs were arrested three days after the murder.

According to The Hickory Daily Record, police arrested the girls Saturday, and slapped them with the charges of murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

They are currently being detained in the Catawba County jail without bond and are due to appear in court on May.14. They will be treated as adults.

In October, when the girls were previously arrested and questioned in relation to the case, the investigators could sense foul play and misinformation and were keeping a keen eye on them.  

“They were the two girls that were with the suspects on the night on the cab driver’s murder,' Captain Thurman Whisnant of the Hickory Police Department said. “They were heavily involved; they were involved before, during and after the murder.”

“They’re older than 16. They have been charged and will be treated as adults,” Whisnant said.