A video showing two teenage girls placing a kitten into a microwave has sparked outrage and a police investigation. According to the Portland Press Herald, police in South Portland, Maine, launched an investigation after footage of the incident appeared on Twitter last week.

"We got all kinds of tips: anonymous tips on our phone line, tips on our Facebook," Lt. Frank Clark said. "A lot of people were pretty upset by this."

As the Associated Press reports, the 10-second video starts off with one girl placing a kitten into a microwave, closing the door and pressing the “on” button. Another girl then appears in the frame and removes the kitten, which is believed to be eight weeks old.

The Portland Press Herald reports that while the kitten did not appear to be injured, the owners agreed to let the city’s animal control officer take the animal away. According to Clark, the kitten is now at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook.

Lynne McGhee, the community relations manager for the animal shelter, told the Portland Press Herald that the kitten would be evaluated by a veterinarian on Tuesday. "Hopefully by next week, she'll be available for adoption," McGhee said.

McGhee also had words for the two girls involved in the incident. "I'm sure this was a way for them to joke around and try to be silly, but they put this animal in danger," she said.

The girls, aged 15, could face charges of animal cruelty. Each was issued a summons on Monday.

"We want to say thank you to those who reported this matter to the department and would ask for the public's patience in letting the system do its job," Clark said.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the findings of the investigation will be sent to the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office for "review and consideration of the appropriate juvenile charges."