Two men were newly arrested in the atrocious beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside the Dodger Stadium and were charged with assault and battery on Friday, reports Reuters.

Los Angeles Police chief, Charlie Beck, also acknowledged that an ex-convict they had arrested two months back as a suspect was in fact innocent. Giovanni Ramirez, was arrested in May and for two months the police maintained that they had the right person.

However, Beck announced on Friday that it was Louie Alex Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Eugene Norwood, 30, both from Rialto, who had assaulted Stow four months back when the crowd let out at Dodger Stadium.

Stow, a paramedic and father of two was left in a coma after the beating and remains hospitalized in San Francisco. However, his family said on its website that he was opening his eyes and was able to mouth his last name, just days after suffering a medical setback that had led to emergency surgery, reports Reuters.

The details of the brutal attack on Stow were revealed in the charging document. According to, the men were charged with mayhem for cutting Stow's tongue, putting out an eye, and slitting his nose, ear and lip.

Beck told reporters that their goal was to find justice for Bryan Stow. Louie Alex Sanchez and Marvin Eugene Norwood are scheduled for arraignment on Monday and have a bail of $500,000 each. Police said that a woman identified as Dorene Sanchez, 31, who could be Sanchez's sister or wife was also arrested but wasn't charged.