Sony update brings with it a host of new features designed to improve the PS3 experience.

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the imminent release of PlayStation 3 system software update version 2.60.

The PS3 Firmware update have 2 features:

1) Photo Gallery Application - support for the new Photo Gallery application, which gives users a fancier way of organizing and viewing photos stored on the PS3. Additionally, the new update includes support for DivX 3.11, so you can sleep well knowing those movies and television shows your pirating will play nice with your PS3.

2)Guest Viewing of the PlayStation Store - provides guest access to PlayStation Store, enabling non-PlayStation®Network members to browse the storefront's downloadable content, including games, game trailers, and demos, along with more than 4,200 movies and TV shows.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced PS3 system update version 2.60 will be available from January 21, 2009.