In separate incidents in Nevada and New Mexico, two Republican-affiliated voters were detained by authorities after the pair allegedly tried to vote twice in different locations.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that 56-year-old Roxanne Rubin—a registered Republican—cast a ballot in one location and then appeared at another attempting to do the same.


There, poll workers alerted her that their records showed she'd already voted, though Rubin insisted she hadn't.


In a sworn affidavit compiled by a criminal investigator working for Nevada's Election Integrity Task Force, Rubin reportedly told another voter, "I signed my name differently, and they did not ask for ID."


The same affidavit, investigators say Ruben was "willing to risk the penalty in order to expose what she perceived as a weakness in the voting process.” She "was unhappy with the process; specifically in that her identification was not checked." She wanted to make a point, the report claims.


In Nevada, voters register using either their Social Security number or the number on their driver's license. That information is then compared with DMV and Social Security databases to establish matches. If the information is identical, individuals aren't asked to display identification when voting, though poll workers can ask for a form of it when a signature does not match.


In New Mexico, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News, a yet-to-be-named man was also detained by police after he obtained a provisional ballot and then admitted he'd already voted.


The individual, after receiving the provisional vote, displayed paperwork saying that he was a Republican challenger. He claimed he was testing to see if the system would catch him.


A watchful presiding judge noticed the transgression and called a Bureau of Elections official to the scene where it was determined that the voter misused his credentials, only identifying himself after he obtained a ballot. He was taken into custody by police but not arrested. An investigation into his activities is ongoing.