Tyga is ready to cut all ties with Blac Chyna, his former girlfriend and the mother of his son, in order to win Kylie Jenner back, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday. Tyga and Jenner broke up briefly, much to Chyna’s delight who said she was “ecstatic.” Tyga and Jenner got back together soon but have been reportedly dealing with problems.

“Tyga’s ready to submit and throw all his cards on the table for Kylie,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He realizes now that all the material gifts in the world aren’t going to really make her happy. He’s got her the car. Ok. He’s got her the jewelry. That’s cool. But it’s not what he’s getting her that’s going to make her run back to him, it’s what he’s giving up!”

The insider added that Tyga knew that the 18-year-old wants him to leave Chyna.

“He’s prepared to get rid of Blac Chyna,” the source told the entertainment website. “He knows that’s a bone of contention in their relationship and if Kylie wants Blac out of his life for good, she shall have it. Tyga won’t be calling her talking about his relationship. He will send a nanny to pick King up when he’s in Blac’s care. That’s fine.”

It was recently reported that Chyna banned Tyga from taking their son King Cairo to Jenner’s house. The 3-year-old had his own room at Jenner’s Calabasas, California, mansion before Tyga moved out of there to give both of them some space in their relationship.