On Friday morning, police chased a U-Haul through the streets of Miami, before the driver of the vehicle was ultimately caught, ABC reported.

The U-Haul truck was stopped by police around 10:45 a.m. MT in a video obtained by a news chopper.

Police then smashed the driver’s side window to get to the man who was fleeing from the police.

The authorities swarmed the vehicle to drag the man out of the U-Haul, and then wrestled the driver to the ground.

The chopper video showed the U-Haul getting stuck in traffic around 10:30 a.m. MT.

Details surrounding the case are unclear, but social media users have taken to Twitter to discuss the chase, with some poking fun at the event.

@ryanhatesthis joked, “PLOT TWIST: The Uhaul was powered by bored people tweeting on a slow news day all along.”

@Fake_USINews said, “BREAKING: High speed Uhaul Chase turns out to be USI student fleeing from campus for holiday break.”

@Rizzmiggizz compared cops to zombies, “Whoa they attacked that UHAUL like the Walking Dead.”

@_selfmade305 laughed, “there having a police chase with a uhaul truck in dade right now lol to funny”

@ryanhatesthis tweeted, “Wow, it's not every day that a guy gets in a police chase driving aUhaul in Florida. Oh wait, yes, yes it is.”

@aPhDStudent asked, "How many police officers does it take to eject a UHaul driver? In Miami, 20." 

More information regarding the incident has yet to have been released.