U2 frontman Bono was admitted into a hospital on Sunday, but the singer's reps have denied that the visit to Princess Grace Memorial in Monaco was due to a serious health scare.

Despite press stories to the contrary, Bono has not suffered a recent health scare, a spokeswoman said in a statement to Reuters. Reports of his being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment are untrue. Bono is in good health and enjoying a family holiday in the south of France.

Early reports of Bono's hospital visit claimed that he experienced heart palpitations and complained of chest pains. The visit, which was not overnight, comes just days after the singer went through 48 hours of medical tests, according to the Irish Independent.

As I understand it he was seen by a doctor -- he is OK now but he got a fright, a source told the local Irish publication.

Bono, 51, is no stranger to the hospital.

In May 2010, U2 had to cancel several live performances, including its scheduled gig the Glastonbury music festival, as the lead singer had emergency back surgery.

Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve ... on review of his MRI scan, I realized there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, his doctor, Muller Wohlfahrt, told NME last year.

On July 30, U2 wrapped its record-breaking world tour, U2 360°, in Moncton, Canada. The band visited more than 100 cities in two years, grossing more than $700 million in ticket sales.  

U2 360° currently holds the title of the highest grossing tour in music history, surpassing The Rolling Stone's A Bigger Bang tour, which raked in more than $550 million in ticket sales. U2's Vertigo tour in 2005 is currently in fifth place, behind AC/DC and Madonna.

U2's last studio album, No Line on the Horizon, has underperformed since its release in 2009, selling only five million copies.