After seeing a blind man close to the stage with a sign asking if he could play a song for his wife, U2's Bono decided to invite the man onstage in this heartwarming video.

The fan, who has been identified as Adam Bevell of Mesa, Arizona, got the opportunity of a lifetime when Bono invited him on stage to perform the group's hit song, All I Want is You.

The performance initially starts with just the fan on guitar and Bono on vocals, but eventually the entire band jumps in to give the man and his wife a performance they are unlikely to ever forget. Bono decided to even let Bevell keep the acoustic guitar after his performance.

Typically the group has ended its show with Moment of Surrender, but decided to end its Nashville show with that performance.

On the video's Youtube page, a user identified as thesearethedaysaz wrote This is our good friend Adam Bevell of Mesa, Arizona. He is a stud and is always playing or listening to U2. He's been to tons of concerts like 12 -13 or more, this was a life long dream of his! He also? gave us front row tickets to U2 a few years ago when he had to sit up in the higher seats with his family (because it was his son's birthday) about killed him. :) We are so happy for him! Thanks Bono!!