If current Governor Jerry Brown's bid for tax extensions is not passed in Sacramento, then California's prestieged UC students might find themselves paying upto 32% more in tuition starting in spring 2012.

According to  LAtimes.com, the jump in tuition rates would total $14,800 per year up from the 8% increase of $11,100 which students are already facing and must start paying in fall 2011. The hike should surely ignite student demonstrations.

UC's President Mark G. Yudof stated that the UC network is already facing a $500 million reduction in state funding, and if the Governer's tax extension plans were not approved, then the reduction would increase to $1 billion. According to LAtimes.com, Yudof stated in a regents conference in San Francisco that even though this might turn out to be a 'nasty scenario', people should understand the grave consequences this may bring to the university.