You know something special is happening somewhere when 400 million people around the world glue themselves to their source of watching the 2011 UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona.

It is billed as the biggest sporting club game. A brief look into the background and it's impossible not to feel awed. Two of the greatest sides, both in terms of reputation off the pitch and the immensity on it, come together making it an apt finale. The sheer magnitude of the occasion is jaw-dropping.

The atmosphere at the Wembley Stadium in London, where this year's final will be held, will be electric. Barcelona will be spearheaded by Lionel Messi, arguably the world's greatest player, and much of the crowd assembled in the few seats not filled by UEFA's guests, will glue an eye to him. If so, they'll have to keep the other one on Manchester United's own talisman Wayne Rooney.

The matchup can be summarized under various headings - Clash of philosophies, Attack against Defense and so on. Ultimately, all those headlines will point to an epic clash of champions, both of whom won their first of three European trophies at Wembley.

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