Ronda Rousey, the reigning women’s bantamweight champion in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competition, has been known for speaking her mind. The 28-year-old undefeated judoka has always been candid with her thoughts -- whether on trash-talking rivals Bethe Correia or Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, or sharing what she plans to about men who batter women.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Rousey shared why she chose Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” as her "walkout song" for UFC bouts. She said she was drawn by the gritty, nasty and loud tune. “Joan’s song and rebellious voice are closest to being the music equivalent of my attitude in the ring. I like being seen as an intimidating, indomitable force. I’m happier being a nasty piece of work,” Rousey explained.

The most recognizable face of the Octagon initially picked the Exploited’s “Sex and Violence” as her walkout song, but in 2011 one of her bouts was televised by Showtime, which deemed that song “inappropriate.” Rousey had no backup tune in mind, but when someone suggested Jett's 1980s song, Rousey quickly agreed to use it.
Since then, Rousey has said that the song captures her no-nonsense personality and rebellious attitude. The undefeated fighter and Hollywood star will again walk out to the song in August when she defends her title against Correia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch Rousey’s entrance to “Bad Reputation,” in the clip below: