It's the fight fans have been clamoring for, and it very well may happen in 2013.

According to UFC President Dana White, middleweight champion Anderson Silva could square off with welterweight title holder Georges St. Pierre if the latter fighter successfully defends his strap against Carlos Condit on Nov. 17, reports.


Even better, White says he wants the historic bout to take place at Cowboys Stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000.


The UFC's previous live attendance record was set in April 2011 when 55,000 fans turned out for UFC 129 at the Rogers Center in Toronto.


"Understand that this fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre is a pound-for-pound fight,” White said during a media conference call Wednesday to promote St. Pierre's upcoming fight. “Both of these guys have been No. 1 or No. 2, either way you want to call them, for the last however many years. That's really what the fight is all about.”


A lot of stars have to align for the fight to happen, including both fighters staying healthy, which has been no guarantee for St. Pierre. But White, more than ever, is determined to create the UFC's first "superfight."


The UFC has suffered through a frustrating year filled with injuries and disappointing pay-per-view numbers and the promoter understands the importance of creating big events in 2012. Silva-St. Pierre would be just that: the UFC's best chance to eclipse the 1 million PPV buy-rate it's struggled to reach.


The bout, however, is no sure thing. St. Pierre's history of injuries makes predicting his availability dubious at best. Plus, his next challenger, Carlos Condit, is as game as they come. While GSP is favored heavily, the French-Canadian star's long layoff could slow him down in the Octagon. He hasn't fought since April 2011, and if Condit comes out gunning, it will be interesting to see if GSP can match the “Natural Born Killer's” pace after such an extended time away from the ring.