A Mississippi couple claims to have captured nighttime images of a UFO hovering just above the tree line of their wooded property. The mysterious bright lights look like headlights, but are too high off the ground and there is no road around. Did the couple spot an alien UFO, or something more mundane?

According to WTOX News, Rainer and Edith Shattles, who live in Jackson County in the southeastern tip of the state, were using infrared trail cameras to take pictures of animals during the night. Around 7:24 p.m. on Feb. 16, some deer appeared in the frame. At some point during the next 30 minutes or so, a bright light was spotted that illuminated the animals. Then a second light materialized. The strange lights appeared to hover for a few moments before taking off.

The Shattles say the lights couldn’t have come from their infrared cameras because the cameras don’t have a visible light source.  

 “Whether it’s alien, I’m not sure about that, but it’s definitely a UFO,” Rainer Shattles told WLOX News. “Whether it’s a government drone or what, I wish if nothing else, if one of them would step up and say ‘Ya, that’s ours.’”

In 2011, there were about 500 UFO sightings reported every month in the U.S. – an uptick of 67 percent from the previous few years. Most of the supposed extraterrestrial encounters turn out to be less-than extraordinary. The Huffington Post notes that one particularly baffling UFO “sighting” that took place in Kansas City a few years ago turned out to be the Army Golden Knights parachuting team performing a nighttime jump.  

Still, there are some UFO sightings for which clear explanations were never found.

The Shattles may never know exactly what it was that appeared before their cameras that night in February, but both of them seem OK with a bit of mystery. “It adds a little flavor to life,” Rainer Shattles said.

Watch the full report, uploaded to YouTube, from WTOX News below.