Luton Airport (Luton Borough Council)
Luton Airport has introduced more charges for what it calls ‘additional services’, including dropping off passengers at the terminal and jumping security queues.

Last week it unveiled a new fast-track check-in service, where for £3 passengers get to jump to the front of the security queue. Passengers who haven’t paid the fee will have to wait while the fast trackers are cleared.

It has now announced it will charge drivers £1 to drop passengers off at the terminal building with a time limit of ten minutes for each drop off. Passengers who don’t want to pay the charge will have to be dropped off in the car park and catch a courtesy bus to the terminal.

Luton already charges £1 for luggage trolleys, £1 for the compulsory plastic bags used for carrying liquids packed in hand luggage and £1 for the bus from the nearby train station to the airport.

The Air Transport Users Council condemned the parking charge. “These charges are already paid for in the air fares and that includes being dropped off,” said spokesperson James Fremantle.

Nic Hutton, Luton Airport's general manager of projects and development, defended the charge, arguing: “By offering a choice of options we can provide an airport experience to suit the needs of all our passengers.”

Liverpool Airport already charges £3 for security queue jumping while Manchester Airport also charges £1 for plastic bags for liquids.

It seems some of the UK’s airports are now following the lead of some low-cost airlines in charging for any little ‘additional service’ they can.