Brace yourselves, “Full House” fans. Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Full House Story” is set to premiere on Saturday, Aug. 22, and it’s a TV movie you won’t want to miss.

You’ve watched the TV show and fell in love with the Tanner family when it premiered on 1987. But what really happened behind the scenes of the beloved family comedy? “The Unauthorized Full House Story” is going to reveal it all.

Starring Garrett Brawith (Danny Tanner/Bob Saget), Justin Mader (Joey Gladstone/Dave Coulier) and Justin Gaston (Jesse Katsopolis/John Stamos), the new Lifetime film revolves around the cast of the series as the show skyrocketed to fame. “The Unauthorized Full House Story” will showcase the “pressures faced in balancing their television personas with their real lives.” And expect some juicy reveals in the process! One sneak peek video released by TVLine reveals that some of the other cast members were jealous of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen getting all the attention on talk shows. Meanwhile, another clip shows Bob (Brawith) and Joey (Mader) pranking John (Gaston) about his character, Jesse, being gay.

Of course, viewers have to remember the keyword in the title of the movie: “unauthorized.” The writers and producers of the Lifetime flick did not meet with anyone related to the original series. Instead, Entertainment Weekly reports that “online articles and interviews with the cast” were used to craft the script.

“We made a decision to do the movie based on what was available to the public,” producer Stephan Bulka explained to EW. “We thought, Let’s just make the movie we want to make and hope that the actors like it as much as we do.”

But that doesn’t mean the movie is a work of fiction. “Everything in the movie happened,” according to Bulka.

Watch ‘The Unauthorized Full House Story’ when it airs on Lifetime on Saturday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. EDT. Will you be tuning in? Tweet @AmandaTVScoop.