It is no secret that Bob Saget is a very different person than Danny Tanner, the TV dad he portrayed on the popular ABC sitcom “Full House.” Anyone who has ever seen the comedian’s raunchy stand-up routines or guest appearances on “Entourage” knows that Saget is a far cry from the wholesome, family-friendly character that made him famous. Well, that disparity is very much on display in a clip from the upcoming Lifetime movie chronicling the show’s behind-the-scenes drama, “The Unauthorized Full House Story.”

In the sneak peek clip, chaos ensues as the cast of “Full House” tries to get through a scene during filming of the show’s first episodes. After the scene falls apart, Saget, played by Garrett Brawith, has a suggestion. “I say we get a bunch of strippers and install a pole right here,” he tells the director. Later, he tells Candace Cameron, played by Shelby Anderson, that stripping “is a career path that hopefully you will never have to follow.” How’s that for family values?

And that's not all. The clip also shows John Stamos, played by Justin Gaston, frustrated that the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley, played by Calla and Tyla Jones) were slowing down filming due to their lack of experience on camera. It sure seems like the Tanner family was not as happy off-camera.

Watch the clip from “The Unauthorized Full House Story” below:

If it is not clear from the “Unauthorized” disclaimer in the film’s title, the Lifetime movie does not have the approval of the actual “Full House” cast. In fact, when an E! News reporter asked the real Saget about the movie at a "Fuller House" promotional event in June, he refused to acknowledge the film, opting not to comment on a cast photo.

Watch Saget dodge questions about the Lifetime movie below:

Will the Lifetime movie be accurate? Only time will tell, but it seems certain that it will at least be entertaining. “The Unauthorized Full House Story” premieres Aug. 22 at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.