Although Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” hasn’t been around for too long, the “Pinot Noir” song has already solidified itself as a gold standard of foe-musical comedy. So, when star Titus Burgess claims that Season 2 will top it, he must be pretty confident in the show’s return. 

Despite the show being a massively successful foray into original sitcoms for Netflix, earning an impressive seven Emmy nominations, including best comedy, precious little is known about what’s next for everyone’s favorite mole woman, Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper). Speaking to HuffPost Live on Monday, Titus Burgess, whose character is also named Titus on the show, opened up about the next season, specifically in relation to the very weird, yet strangely catchy, song “Pinot Noir.” 

The actor mentioned that Season 2 will see Titus start a one man show, that goes about as poorly as one would expect. However, while he’s trying to make it big, apparently he comes up with something so hilarious that the actor has no problem saying that it is “more absurd than ‘Pinot Noir.’”

“As I was reading it, I looked up at Tina [Fey],” he said laughing as he recalled the moment. “She was like, ‘Just keep going!’”

The actor went on to mention that Season 2 will also explore the offhandedly mentioned marriage of his homosexual character to a woman. Stories regarding his wedding, the woman and how he bailed on the whole thing will all be addressed.

For those that have been scouring the internet for all things “Kimmy Schmidt” Season 2, they’re already aware that Titus’ backstory would be explored. Series co-creator Robert Carlock opened up to Entertainment Weekly in April promising more backstory for the show’s Season 1 breakout star.

“Absolutely, Titus has stuff to deal with, he’s running away from his own past. I think we all are,” he said. “And thank goodness everyone’s got Kimmy there and of course she’ll have her own problems, too.”

Burgess gave fans their first hint about the plot of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 2, but the first details about the show emerged during the Television Critics Association press tour when series co-creator, Fey, shared some minor details about the production.

Not only will the show continue to offer family friendly comedy, despite the fact that Netflix’s content isn’t governed by the same standards as cable TV, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, Fey prefers to make a show with smart comedy that’s accessible to young people. However, a welcomed change for fans will be the likely addition of more time to each episode. Previously, the series ran about 21 minutes - roughly the same amount of time as a half hour cable sitcom once commercial breaks are factored in. Fey spent years working with NBC on her smash hit “30 Rock,” but she says that now she’s ready to acknowledge Netflix’s lack of ads and expand each episode accordingly. 

“I don’t know if we’ll go past 30 [minutes], but they’ve definitely encouraged us to go past 21:15,” she said. “We have to be our own guides here and not let things get too fat or too slow."