We’ve been excited for “Uncharted 4” since Santa Monica-based studio Naughty Dog announced the fourth installment of the series in November 2013, and a recent interview with developers in Game Informer revealed some exciting new information.

The interview isn’t online yet, but Gematsu picked up some important information from the “Uncharted 4” feature, which confirmed that the game will have a multiplayer mode.

“Uncharted 4” takes place three years after “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” ended. In “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” Nathan Drake and Elena are in a relationship, when Nathan’s long lost older brother, Sam appears. Nathan returns to his former occupation of treasure hunting, and the two travel to Libertalia, a “mythic Madagascar colony purportedly founded by pirates.”  The developer also hinted that both Sam and Nathan will travel to urban areas and snowy environments.

We learn that Sam, who is five years older than Nathan, was presumed dead and that Sam’s absence is Nathan’s life is one factor that drove him to relentlessly pursue treasure hunting. We also learn that there is a fierce rivalry between the two brothers.

Sam will be controlled by A.I., and Naughty Dog developers claimed it wanted to see what it was like for Nathan to travel with an equally capable and skilled companion. They also confirmed his role will be similar to that of Ellie’s in zombie survival horror game “The Last of Us.” The game will also feature two rival treasure hunters: Rafe and Nadine. Nathan will also have a number of new tools to use.

Naughty Dog hasn’t confirmed if this game will be the last in the series. Could we see another game featuring Nathan and Sam? Let’s hope.