Almost every individual has this million-dollar dream of wanting to access unclaimed money without having to do anything.

There are billions of dollars stacked in banks, retirement accounts, money orders and payroll checks that are waiting to be claimed. These unclaimed amounts are often the result of improper communication. Recently, Good Morning America featured amazing stories of people who found such money from the government with the help of experts.

However, although there are many market experts and companies to promise to aid in the process of searching for unclaimed money, it is quite possible that people have to pay hefty amounts to acquire such services.

Forbes reports that while there are such sums out there, there are plenty of places and people who will charge you more than you're likely to receive to help you look for it. Hence, unless the right medium is known to access the money, it may be quite easy to lose more in fees than the actual gains.

Some of the best places to look for are the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) and the US Treasury. Both of these associations have their own websites where one can start their search for state-held unclaimed properties and bonds.

ABC news mentions that one can even opt for the almost-nationwide search at the free website Another important property search database is where people residing in states that do not participate with can take part.