Although “Under the Dome” may have answered some of our burning questions during its two-hour Season 3 premiere, the new installment of the hit CBS series left us scratching our heads even more furiously by the time episodes 1 and 2 concluded. Seriously ... an alternate universe, human cocoons, Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) in a sorority -- what is going on?

Hopefully, episode 3, “Redux” will help piece together all the cryptic chaos that occurred in the premiere. But according to the synopsis for the episode, set to air Thursday, July 2, that seems unlikely. It looks like audiences will just have to wait a little bit longer until the whole truth is fully unveiled.

In the forthcoming installment, the residents of Chester’s Mill “try to move on with their lives in the after of their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town.”

“I feel ... different,” Norrie says in the episode 3 promo video. And we totally get why she would. After all, she did emerge from a human-sized cocoon after living in a faux reality for what she thought was a year.

Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox) had trapped the residents in pods, located underneath the Dome, that were all connected through pink veins. She did this to help them “move on” from the pain caused by the spherical entrapment. However, Melanie’s twisted plot was foiled when Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) and Big Jim (Dean Norris) busted through her lair and shot down her mystical and powerful egg. This put an end to the alternate universe, allowing the trapped townsfolk to emerge from the cocoons like butterflies -- goo-covered butterflies.

But Barbie (Mike Vogel) and the people of Chester’s Mill weren’t the only ones slithering out of the slimy pods. Two newcomers, Christine (Marg Helgenberger) and Eva (Kylie Bunbury), escaped the cocoons only to find themselves in Melanie’s hive along with the Chester’s Mills residents.

The summary teases that Big Jim will be rather suspicious of the twosome -- and honestly, so are we. Who are they? How did they end up in Melanie’s cocoons? Are they working with her? What is their connection to the Dome? And most importantly: How will Eva affect Barbie's relationship with Julia? See, we told you the premiere would leave you with even more questions!

“Under the Dome” will air episode 3, “Redux,” on Thursday, July 2, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.