Ready for more dome-themed drama? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get in the two-hour Season 3 premiere of the hit CBS thriller “Under the Dome.”

But before the summer series, deemed “chaotic” and “intense” by the “Under the Dome” cast, airs on Thursday, re-live all the chaos the went on in the Season 2 finale of the supernatural series.

Episode 13, “Go Now,” kicked off with the residents of Chester’s Mill exploring a cave that would allegedly free them from the Dome’s entrapment -- at least, that’s what Barbie (Mike Vogel) had told them. But as the townspeople looked for an escape, Big Jim (Dean Norris) was searching for a miracle -- one that would involve the sparing of his wife's life.

Pauline (Sherry Stringfield) was gruesomely stabbed and suffering tremendously from the knife wounds. And without the proper medical care, there was hardly anything that medical personal could do for the wounded character. Well, except for assisted suicide. Pauline pleaded to Rebecca (Karla Crome) to “please be kind” and put her out of her agony. Rebecca agreed, giving Pauline a morphine overdose to end her misery.

But as meticulous as Rebecca was throughout her stint on the series, she somehow managed to let Big Jim see her controversial transformation into the angel of death -- and he was anything but grateful. Infuriated that Pauline was taken from him a second time, Big Jim decided to take his frustration out on his former partner-in-crime… with a hammer.

“No one’s gonna miss you,” Big Jim said before bludgeoning Rebecca to death. And that was just that beginning to the former sheriff’s murderous spree. With the taste for blood, Big Jim then went on to kill poor Andrea (Dale Raoul) after using her as a pawn to get to his arch nemesis Julia (Rachelle Lefevre).

“Andrea was your friend!” Julia screamed following Andrea’s jaw-dropping execution. Big Jim replied that’s why he killed her quickly. Julia, however, wouldn’t be so lucky. But she was. She managed to stab Big Jim in the foot, allowing her to escape in to the woods, which is when she bumped in to Sam (Eddie Cahill) and Junior (Alexander Koch).

As Sam helped Julia limp to safety, Junior decided it was finally time to end his father’s reign of terror for good. But instead of shooting Big Jim dead, Junior only shot his father a few times before running to the cave that was rumored to lead them to freedom.

The finale concluded with Julia and Junior being left behind in Chester’s Mill (along with an injured Big Jim) when a gap in the cave widened. This forced Julia and Junior to stay behind but Barbie promised he would come back for them.

As the Barbie and the group continued on their journey out of the Dome, they encountered a wall of butterflies that also served as a dead end. But a single monarch encouraged Barbie to place his hand on the wall, which is when it began to freeze and split. Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox) -- or an apparition of Melanie -- then appeared, telling the residents to follow her.

“We’re going home,” she said, concluding the Season 2 finale.

“Under the Dome” will air its two-hour Season 3 premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.