Under the dome season 2 spoilers
"Under the Dome" aired its Season 2 finale on Monday, Sept. 22. Find out who died in episode 13, "Go Now." Screen Grab/CBS©2014 CBS

“Under the Dome” aired its Season 2 finale on Monday, Sept. 22, and we have to admit, “Go Now” was probably the most exciting episode we’ve seen from the second installment of the CBS drama. Episode 13 focused on the storyline of the Chester’s Mills residents attempting to escape the dome once and for all. However, countless occurrences acted as hindrances, preventing their escape from happening.

One of those deterrents goes by the name of Big Jim (Dean Morris). Rebecca put Jim's wife, Pauline (Sherry Stringfield), out of her misery by giving her an overdose of morphine. It was only after Rebecca (Karla Crome) acted as the angel of death that Big Jim sprung into villainous action. He grabbed a hammer, walked over to his former ally and swung away, leaving a bloody mess.

But Rebecca wasn’t the only one Big Jim ruthlessly murdered. Norris’ character had a little chat with the dome giving it the ultimatum that if it didn’t bring Pauline back to life in three seconds then he would slit Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) throat, shoot Barbie (Mike Vogel) in the heart and burn all the children alive. The didn’t flinch, giving us a few great scenes of Big Jim going rogue.

While packing people underground to escape the dome, Julia got a call from Andrea (Dale Raoul). She begged for Julia to come back to her house to help her. But when Julia arrived she saw Big Jim standing there with a gun pointed at her. Julia discovered Big Jim’s murderous secret when Sam (Eddie Cahill) informed her over the walkie. Turns out that Big Jim used Andrea to lure Julia with the hopes of killing her. Proving how serious he was, he shot Andrea point blank in the head.

“Andrea was your friend!” Julia screamed. Jim replied with that’s why he killed her quick. Julia, on the other hand, wouldn’t be so lucky. However Julia did manage to fight him off by stabbing him in the foot and running away.

As Julia sprinted through the woods she came across Sam and Junior (Alexander Koch). While Sam helped Julia limp away, Junior went after his father to end the madness for good. Junior ended up disowning his dear old dad and even shot him in the chest. But Jim, being the cockroach he is, survived the blow and started coming after his son. Junior slipped away into the mouth of the exit, which covered with brush after he entered, leaving his dad behind in the town Big Jim loved so much.

The episode concluded with Julia and Junior being left behind in the dome after a gap separated them from continuing their journey forward. Barbie promised that he would come back for them. The group, who managed to get across the split in the rock, came to a shocking halt when the path suddenly ended. That’s when a butterfly landed on the rock before them, causing Barbie to place his hand on it. The rock began to freeze and eventually split. Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox) suddenly appeared, telling them that they were finally going home.

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