Members of trade union Unite are to stage a protest on Friday against Pizza Express after the sacking of one of its staff in a row about the distribution of tips.

The demonstration is to take place outside the Wimbledon branch of Pizza Express, where Unite activist Nabil Guiguis was dismissed, allegedly for speaking out against deductions from staff tips.

Unite said the demonstration was part of a wider campaign demanding that all restaurants distribute service charges and restaurant tips fairly.

Dave Turnbull, Unite regional industrial officer said, I'm sure Pizza Express customers expect that the tips they leave for good service goes to the staff and would be upset that the restaurant are creaming money off the top.

Pizza Express should do the right thing and reinstate Unite activist, Nabil Guiguis if they want to avoid serious damage to their corporate reputation. Along with other restaurants it is vital that Pizza Express operate a transparent tips service so customers know that the service charge they leave goes to the hard-working staff.

Unite said it was also campaigning to change a loophole in the law which allows employers to use tips to pay the minimum wage, rather than as what the union called an addition to a decent living wage.