UPDATE: United Airlines Computer Systems Up; Flights Resuming after delays, cancellations


United Airlines passengers are experiencing flight delays and cancellations tonight as the airline experienced a major computer systems outage at approximately 5:15 PM pacific time. 

According to United Airlines Spokeman Scott O'Leary the computer outage interrupted United's flight departures, airport processing and reservations systems.

Due to the computer outage, airplanes have not been able to take off including flights at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), a major United hub.

Currently at SFO, customers are experiencing long lines at the check-in desks, customer service agents, and at the gates due to the number of delays and cancellations. 

United.com, the airline's website was also down for a period of time, but the website is now up.

At approximately 9:45 PM, United Airlines tweeted, We're still trying to fix the issue.  We will keep you posted.

O'Leary issued an apology on behalf of the airline saying, We apologize for the disruption being caused to travelers at affected airports and we are seeking to resume operations as quickly as possible.