A Ghana-bound United Airlines flight 990 last Sunday was escorted back to Washington, D.C., by U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets after an argument between two passengers over a reclining seat erupted into a mid-air assault.

Shortly after the United Airlines Boeing 767 took off, a fistfight took place as a passenger's seat reclined too far into the personal space of a fellow passenger, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Before a flight attendant and fellow passenger jumped between the two, the offended passenger smacked in the culprit over the head which ignited the brawl.

For the sake of safety, the pilot decided not to continue with the 11-hour trip to Accra, Ghana but return back to Dulles International Airport.

Awareness of terrorism and coping with in-flight disturbances have increased since the aftermath of 9/11. Federal officials sent a pair of F-16 fighter jets to escort the United flight back to the airport following typical procedures.

All of the 144 passengers, including the two men, were not injured and eventually continued their trip to Ghana on Monday morning.