It’s officially war on “UnREAL” Season 2. Chet returned to take “Everlasting” back from Rachel and Quinn in the premiere of the Lifetime drama. The women will try to maintain control of their reality show, but Chet isn’t giving up easily. His actions will cause someone to take drastic measures.

“Quinn [Constance Zimmer] and Chet [Craig Bierko] begin producing two different versions of the show, forcing the crew to choose sides,” the synopsis teases. Chet wants to produce a sexy, party version of “Everlasting,” while Quinn wants to make her hit show look like a fairytale. But shouldn’t that be Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) job?

Even though Rachel is the new showrunner, Quinn quickly takes back the reins in this episode, titled “Insurgent.” Expect Quinn to push Rachel out of the way while they shoot the “Everlasting” premiere. Rachel isn’t going to let her dream job slip out of her grasp. “Rachel fears her new promotion could be at stake, so she takes matters into her own hands and ends up yielding unexpected results,” the summary teases. Unless it involves manipulating reality show contestants, Rachel’s plans tend to go wrong. Don’t expect this to be very different.

In the trailer for “UnREAL” Season 2, episode 2 (seen at the top of this page), Chet’s new vision for “Everlasting” is clearly a big change. All of the girls are suddenly in bikinis, but that doesn’t mean Quinn can’t get the catfights she wants. Ruby (Denée Benton) is seen reacting to Beth Ann’s (Lindsay Musli) confederate flag bikini. 

Darius (B.J. Britt) can be spotted meeting the women vying for his heart in the photos from “UnREAL” Season 2, episode 2, and it looks like plenty of skin will be showing when introductions are moved poolside. The problem is that the bikini clad women aren’t all vying for his attention. It looks like his manager (Gentry White) will be trying to woo the ladies too, and that’s definitely not a part of the deal.

“UnREAL” Season 2, episode 2 airs Monday, June 13 at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.