San Francisco Giants' head trainer Dave Groeschner elaborated on Buster Posey's condition in a press conference after the reigning NL Rookie of the Year received three MRIs on his lower leg and ankle.

Groeschner described two injuries - torn ligaments to his ankle and a fractured fibula in his lower leg. 

His ankle. That's our concern right now, Groeschner explained.  We think the fracture's going to be fine. We're just trying to decide 100 percent what to do with the ankle.

Elaborating on Posey's ankle, Groeschner said, He's got a medial ankle sprain, a lateral sprain and a syndesmosis sprain, which is in the front and leading up the tibia.

When asked for more detail on the fractured fibula, Groeschner said, It's a straightforward fracture of the fibula, a lot of the force from the ankle sprain gets distributed up the leg and that bone takes it. It just cracked it.

Groeschner also explained that Posey's knee is fine, which would have led to more protracted recovery time, if there were issues with the knee. 

Surgery will likely be needed to repair the ankle damage. 

Although the Giants will get further opinions from specialists, Groeschner said that the recovery from ankle ligament damage will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks.  Recovery from Posey's surgical procedure is usually two month according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  In the best case scenario, this would put Posey's return in July or August in time for the playoff run.

Groescher was positive on Posey's eventual full recovery from the injury saying, The guy's young, he's got age on his side which will certainly help him and like I said, we've had other guys who've had similar injuries and who've had favorable returns.