Another “Final Fantasy Record Keeper” update has come out for DeNa’s popular free-to-play social role-playing game -- and it appears to be quite a big one. This update adds four new unlockable characters to the already large roster -- along with two new records and additions to existing records.

This big update is available only to players who have previously completed the other classic records, according to a report from Touch Arcade. So fans who want access to some of the newer material will have to keep playing and complete all the classic records before downloading the update.

The update will now feature new records from “Final Fantasy 8” and “Final Fantasy 13,” while additional content was also added to the records of “Final Fantasy” 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10. These new records also signal a shift in difficulty, as the enemies here will start out having mid 20 levels and eventually end up with early 40 levels, so players better bulk up their party if they want to conquer these new records.

New characters include Gordon from “Final Fantasy 2,” Snowe from “Final Fantasy 13,” Luneth from “Final Fantasy 3” and the “Warrior of Light” from the first “Final Fantasy” game. These characters will become available after players have completed all the classic dungeons. Fans can check out the new character sprites in the official “Record Keeper” website.

“Final Fantasy Record Keeper,” from Square Enix and DeNa Games, is available now for iOS and Android devices. Fans will be able to obtain the update by completing all of the classic dungeons from the previous update.

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)