The U.S. Pentagon has released home videos of Osama Bin Laden that were found by commandos who raided the terror chief’s compound in Pakistan last week.

There are reportedly five videos in all, one which shows bin Laden watching himself on television, and another in which he is rehearsing a taped message for the US.

One video shows bin Laden with his bread dyed black, while wearing a golden robe. The US believes this video was recorded in October or November last year.

Another video shows him wearing a dark-colored blanket while watching clips of himself on TV monitors. In the latter video, his beard appears much greyer.

No films have emerged of bin Laden since al-Qaeda released a video address in 2007.

However, nothing in the current batch of videos definitively place him in the Abbottabad compound where he was reportedly living and killed by US soldiers last week.

Nonetheless, a senior US military official said the raid on the compound resulted in the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever,” including computers, DVDs, hard drives and documents.