According to the National Transportation Safety Board, US Airways jet that made a dramatic emergency landing on New York's Hudson River on January 15, experienced an engine compressor failure two days earlier.

The board's examination of the Airbus 320's maintenance records show there was an entry in the aircraft's maintenance log that indicates a compressor stall occurred on Jan. 13. The compressor, or fan, draws air into the engine, the NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson said on Monday.

The airliner was at a New Jersey salvage yard yesterday for closer examination. The probe into the crash-landing will take a year and decade to study it, said Robert Benzon, a senior NTSB investigator.

The Airbus 320's looks pretty good, James Marchioni, a manager at Weeks Marine in Jersey City, N.J., said I was surprised at how intact the plane was, There were some bottom panels that were damaged.

US Airways has sent $5,000 checks to each of the 150 passengers to compensate them for lost luggage and other belongings.