A US artist who lost her left eye in a car accident in 2005 will soon get a web camera in its place.

What Tanya Vlach, a visual artist from San Francisco, plans is a prosthetic eye that houses a tiny video camera, and she hopes to make it make it web optimized, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Vlach says she looks to have sensors that respond to blinking, enabling the camera to take still photographs, zoom, focus and turn on and off.
The prosthetic eye will also have geo-tagging and facial recognition functions as well, and the pupil will be sensitive to light change.

"This decision to implant a camera in my eye is like inviting a little cinematographer to live in my brain. This consciousness that I’m documenting what I’m observing enables me to be more present and engaged in every moment," according to Vlach.

The following are the specifications of the camera eye, according to the Mail.

- SD at least, 720p HD
- MPEG-4 / H.264 Recording
- Built in Wireless Transmitter
- Bluetooth Wireless Method
- Remote Trigger
- Mini A/V out
- Firewire / USB / Mini HDMI
- Optical 3X
- Inductors: (Power Source