The otherwise epic US-Brazil women's soccer match for the World Cup quarterfinals was marred by perhaps the most shameless dive in history.

With Brazil up 2-1 in extra time, and the US down one player due to a red card, Brazilian player érika Cristiano dos Santos literally fell down for no reason with no US player anywhere close to her.

She then writhed on the ground, her teammates called the attention of the referee, a medic team with a stretcher was called for her, and she was carried off the field. All this took a few minutes while the game clock was ticking.

But that's not even the worst part. The team of medics carried her barely two steps on the stretcher before she jumped out of it and started jogging around the soccer field.

Pretty soon, she was back and playing.

The referees, fortunately, saw right through her lies and tacked on a few more minutes to the game. In those minutes, the US tied the game at 2-2. Then, the US won in penalty kicks.

Watch the video of the shameless dive below, particularly at 0:33 and 2:00.