Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley said the United States was desperate to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. He referred to a recent remark by General John Allen against the Syrian president.

Kelley said that the U.S. authorities were going out of options after Russia’s involvement in Syria. “Now that the Russians are moving in, certainly this is becoming very critical and obviously their window of opportunity is going away, and certainly Israel is getting very upset,” Kelley told Press TV.

Allen earlier said the Syria crisis would never be solved politically, adding there had to be a political solution to the crisis by having a transition away from Assad. According to the retired U.S. Marine Corps four-star General, Assad cannot be a part of the solution.

“What I recommend is that we focus on a political transition that removes Assad and removes the leadership and the manner in which he has led this conflict,” Allen told the ABC’s Martha Raddatz. Allen said, though the Arab Spring in 2011 had great promise in Syria, Assad chose attacking the dissidents instead of listening to them.

Kelley said Allen’s claim about the lack of possibility of having a military solution to the Syria crisis meant the U.S.-ISIS mercenaries could not do the job.

“After hundreds of phony airstrikes designed only to weaken Assad, he [Allen] says we’re not done yet, meaning that they can’t wait to do what they did to Libya,” Kelley said.

Allen said that the U.S. was going to work very hard to try to have the political solution and continue to work with its partners.