The U.S. Department of Energy announced Monday it is giving out $256 million from the economic stimulus package to support energy efficiency in two major industrial sectors.

The funding is specifically allocated to cut energy consumption from the manufacturing and information technology industries in the U.S., the energy department said in a statement today.

Supporting the development of the latest industrial technologies plays an important role in helping U.S. industry to lead the world in energy efficiency and productivity, said Energy secretary Steven Chu in a released statement.

The programs are expected to create jobs for factory workers, technicians and experts.

Several projects could be granted funds in the following areas:

- $156 million for Combined Heat and Power, District Energy Systems, Waste Energy Recovery Systems, and Efficient Industrial Equipment

- $50 million for Improved Energy Efficiency for Information and Communication Technology.

- $50 million for Advanced Materials in Support of Advanced Clean Energy Technologies and Energy-Intensive Processes