A long-lost letter to a student at the University of Pennsylvania has been delivered to his college with a 53-year delay, according to the BBC.

The letter was addressed to Clark C Moore, who has since changed his name to Muhammad Siddeeq. It was written by his girlfriend at the time, Vonnie, who he has since married and divorced. The letter arrived at the Californian University 10 days ago, postmarked Feb.20. 1958.

Siddeeq, 74, who is now a retired teacher living in the mid-western city of Indianapolis said he was shocked when contacted by the university, the BBC reports. He said at the time he would write to his girlfriend regularly while they were both studying Science but highlighted that they have since been divorced and have four children together.

I never dreamed of anything like this. First of all, I'm surprised. The letter is just a testament of the sincerity, interest and innocence of the time, Siddeeq said to the Washington Observer.

We have a system here in America where if something is for you and if they find it, it gets to you, Siddeeq told WTAE, after being notified that his long-lost love letter was finally on its way.

Siddeeq remarried after his divorce to Vonnie, who authored the letter. He has fathered an additional 15 children since then, according to the India Times.