A few U.S. men's national soccer team jerseys have leaked lately, the most recent one-an away kit that incorporates white sleeves with an all-blue body and a red-white-and-blue ring around the neck-for a few moments on Nike's online shop before being taken down, according to Deadspin.

Fans have always seemed to debate the legitimacy of such leaked soccer jerseys and for the handful of those that have been revealed so far, the same has been done. For example, in regards to the aforementioned Nike shop jersey, which seems slightly modified yet similar to the national team's current jersey, fans debated Nike's ability to be consistent.

The U.S. men's current uniform include the red ones seen above, which are just one of three variations. The others are white and blue, and all three include a different color combo of the sash dropping diagonally down on the front. (Reuters/Jose Luis Magaua)

One person commented, I'd like to see a Yankees-level of consistency when it comes to uniforms. Perhaps US soccer isn't quite there yet, but that's what the team should aim for.

Another user responded to that comment, saying, Consistency doesn't sell jerseys.

Regardless of the comments, this away kit in particular might carry some weight of credibility for the mere fact it appeared on such a Nike's online store.

However, in regards to the other leaks, they may not be as credible.

Back in November, a horizontal red-and-white-striped supposed home uniform, similar to the 1994 national team's away jersey that included vertical red and white stripes, made its way round the Internet and met with the same kind of debate.

One user commented, I think it looks great, while another said, This...is garbage. Honestly, here's hoping the away kit is nicer and they just wear that. You know...maybe they should just take a hint from Captain America's costume...

Another jersey that was thought to be an away kit-a blue shirt with light blue stars faded into the background, also including blue sleeves with red ends and a V-neck collar with red and white stripes of the American flag on the back of the neck-leaked earlier this month.

Again, debate:

I love it and might buy two, said one person.

Absolutely awful, said another.

Ultimately, soccer fans can debate all they want about how real such jerseys are and if they will become a reality. But with Nike, their designers and the amount of feedback that pours in from fans, more leaked jerseys, and, as a result, more debate will be inevitable.