Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will meet in the final of the U.S. Open 2011.

This is the sixth time they are meeting in the final this season. Djokovic has won five of them including the Wimbledon.

For Nadal it is the moment of truth.

Will there be any change in strategy from Nadal?

Nadal has said that in the past he has beaten Djokovic playing his game. This could mean that there will not be any major changes in strategy.

This could also mean that Nadal is not playing his best this season and, as a result, Djokovic is able to beat him. This is an interesting way for Nadal to look at his game. This simply means that if he can produce his best game he can defeat the World number one.

At present, the career head-to-head is 16-12 for Nadal, but Djokovic has won eight of the last 10.

As far as Djokovic is concerned, he is the embodiment of confidence. He plays with such a degree of self-assurance that he feels he can get out of any sort of situation and triumph. He proved it once more against Federer. He came back from being two sets down and saved two match points.

The belief that you can win is of utmost importance in sports. As of now, in tennis, the only player with this belief, without any trace of uncertainty, is the Serbian.

For Nadal to win the final, he will have to first defeat this belief of Djokovic. This much easier said than done. It will only be possible if Nadal takes the initiative to be aggressive in the match right from the beginning. He can learn from his mistakes at the Wimbledon final.

Nadal will have to get back his serves which won him the U.S. Open last year.

The first set will be the most crucial. To predict the winner will be possible after the first set is over.