Things are going to get heavy in Season 1, episode 3 of NBC’s newest original series “This is Us.” When the show left off Rebecca (Mandy Moore) arrived on the doorstep of her son Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) home with Miguel (Jon Huertas) — her husband’s best friend — in tow and no clue that her adopted son’s biological father had just retreated upstairs.

The cliffhanger ending has raised a lot of questions among fans of the show, which has been an emotional roller coaster thus far. Where is Jack (Milo Ventimiglia)? Did he and Rebecca get divorced? How does Randall intend to tell his mother that he’s reconnected with his father? A sneak peek from the episode shows some clear discomfort from Randall as one of his two daughters reveals that “daddy’s friend from work” is living with them. The kids pull their grandmother and might-be step-grandpa into the other room to build Legos while Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) devise a plan. Randall reveals that this is certainly not how he hoped it would go, but seems ready. He puts on “a fake a-- smile” and braces to break his mother’s heart.

A synopsis for episode 3 suggests that Randall’s reveal to his mother won’t be the only “oh my god” moment during the show, titled “Kyle.” While he crosses his fingers and prays that his mother isn’t too hurt by his decision to reach out to William (Ron Cephas Jones), Kevin (Justin Hartley) is trying to figure out his next move. After quitting his job as an actor on a sitcom he will consider moving to New York, assuming Kate (Chrissy Metz) will move with him. This won’t sit well with her new beau, Toby (Chris Sullivan), who believes Kate has spent too much of her life living in her brother’s shadow. As such, he puts together an over-the-top Kate-centric day to show her that she is the real star. Fans should also expect to learn more about Rebecca and Jack’s past, hopefully shedding some light on where they stand in the present.

During Season 1, episode 2 it was revealed that the relationship between Kate, Kevin and Randall’s parents got rocky shortly after they became a family. Jack turns to the bottle, neglecting his wife as well as his duties as a father. He is frequently shown stepping in during tense moments between Rebecca and her children, undermining punishments and the like, which only creates more distance between them. During a night at the bar with Miguel, Jack is urged to get his life together. Miguel reminds him that Rebecca is way out of his league, telling him to straighten up before she realizes that. This resonates with Jack, who stops at a jewelry store before stumbling home drunk to make things right with his wife. Before he can apologize to her, she hits him with a lengthy speech about how he’s not living up to his duties as a husband or a father, which derails his plans. The following day he gifts Rebecca with the necklace he purchased her and the pair seem to be on a good path. The show flashes to the present, however, and while Rebecca is seen wearing the necklace, she is not with Jack.

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