Usher Raymond's new movie "Hands of Stone" premieres Friday, and to celebrate the movie's theatrical release, the singer-turned-actor shared photos from his new film on Instagram.

Usher, who plays Sugar Ray Leonard in the film, has been sharing a few teasers from the movie since last weekend. Some of the photos show Usher's Leonard in the middle of a boxing match against Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez), the Panamanian boxer whose story is explored in the film. Check out the photos from "Hands of Stone" below!

Meanwhile, Usher opened up about the movie during an interview with CNN at the New York premiere of "Hands of Stone" earlier this week. 

"It's films like this ['Hands of Stone'], major studios are taking risks on that are part of history," he said. "What greater way to tell amazing stories than look at history. I mean, if we could manage to go all the way back to King Leopold's 'Ghost' -- and go even further than that -- I think that would be amazing wouldn't it?"

He also shared his intense training in preparation for the role, revealing that he got tips from the famed boxer he plays in the movie. "I had Sugar Ray Leonard training me. He gave me all the secrets, all the secret sauce in terms of his movement, and the way he was mentally and the fact he thought of himself as a character in that time," Usher continued.

Though Leonard initially "laughed" when he first learned that the Grammy winner would be playing him in "Hands of Stone," the boxer later came around when he saw how dedicated Usher was to doing the role justice. 

"I trained him for a long time at his home, at various gyms. When I saw the potential, I knew that he could pull it off," Leonard told CNN.

Catch Usher and Ramirez when "Hands of Stone" hits theaters Friday, Aug. 26.